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Nothing Gold Can Stay - text


They say that all I rap about is Bathing Ape
And smoking weed
But last year, man, that shit was just a dream for me
And all these rappers act like this just don't mean shit to me
But understand, I appreciate what I achieve
Headed to the coast, I propose a toast
Got gorillas on my coach, just might pull up in the ghost
With them butterfly doors going way up
Asking 'bout a feature
Little boy you better pay up, straight up
No I ain't look up to nobody
I ain't in the club cause I'm a homebody
Ooh, I'm just smoking watching Netflix
Go get you some money, boy
Stop crying 'bout your ex bitch
Ooh, yeah, and if it's meant to be then let it happen
Diamonds on me dancing, yeah I feel like Michael Jackson
If you headed home from work, stuck in 5 o'clock traffic
Just remember, I'm the proof
That if you want it, you can have it, ayy

And they say, "Oli, you deserve it."
I grab that Cigarillo then I'm rolling up that purple
They sleeping on your boy
I think they sipping too much syrup
While you was getting faded
Homie I was out here working
Yeah, yeah, ya'll can stay it's 'gon change
And nothing gold can stay
I'm back to my old ways
This Henny with Bombay
You know with 'em all way
'Gon be here for my mates
Tomorrow's another day
And tonight we 'gon celebrate

There are no guarantees in life
Not for the present, nor for the future
There are no guarantees in life
Not for the present, nor for the future

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