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New year's day - text

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You already know i get this money for real
you could go ahead and check my numbers last year
2017 it'll be the same thing
we gon get a couple bottles
we gon pop em for the team yeah
Thats just how i live life
shawty know we livin for the lime light
she actin like she use to the fast life
first class flights
shawty turn the flexin to a pass time
stack the paper up
with a asian bitch n we be layin up
maybe roll a white paper up
maybe pour a lil hennessy up in a cup
couple bitches at the crib and the sauce A1
this go out to aahj n all my day 1's
thats just how im livin
roll another swisher
if you tryna kick it
shawty say what you're feelin
i turned the youtube views into new bape shoes yeah
in the fl stu makin new breakthroughs yeah
now its rappers in my email askin bout a feature
"whats the price and whats the details?"
is you really gettin money? is you really with these females?
yeah i'm really getting money
yeah i'm really with these females
rollin up on the beach ash the doobie in a seashell
i'm too cold for these young boys
i'm too dope for these old boys
think im too rich for these broke boys
so go on scroll down a bit and read the comments
they say that i'm a great and they just bein honest
tell my homies that i love em cause tomorrow never promised
sippin champagne for everything we accomplished
and they been waiting so patient in anticipation
for the small town missouri boy to make it famous
counting blue hundreds, tell my mom i made it
took her out for lobster best believe that we was gettin faded
headed to the coast
go on raise your glass i propose a toast
pull up to the spot throwin c notes
blowin weed smoke
i traded in the cutlas yeah i copped the ghost
butterfly doors and they goin way up
askin bout a feature boy you better pay up
pourin out the liquor thats just how we livin
if you tryin to kick it shawty say what you feeling
i turn the one bedroom to a suite with a view
i turn the oldsmobile to a BWM
now its girls in my dm's, askin what i'm doin tryna kick it for the weekend
we could stay out all night and tomorrow we could sleep in
i gave that girl the swimmin lessons
and we take it to the deep end
pina colada mama yeah lil shawty puerto rican
i get this money aint have no choice
gloin up with my young boys
watch me skrt off in the rolls royce

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Oliver Francis texty

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