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drop the top on a high end sports car
need a bad bitch in a calvin klein sports bra
bitch i go hard smokin weed til my lungs torched
2016 im clean out the preme store

fiji water on my wrist
hos all on my dick
cause i look like richie rich
i got hos who like to sip
so we pourin up the tech
bathing ape phone case
CDG crew neck

im a stoner
im a stoner
home owner
jewlery so depressed
call it bi-polar
drop the top got no roof
i been smokin on some boof
i been chillin with a bitch
who says she like the way i do

i wear so much ralph
i should hit the golf course
i just got a tattoo on my dick
of a ferrari hourse
yeah its pretty boy clique
im be that shit forever
yeah i pour myself a deuce
and i feel lighter than a feather

im do this shit forever
like im dirzzy drake
i roll up a backwood
take it to the face
you find me in the kame house
twistin up the dank
i pass that shit to master roshe
he fell on his face

im lookin wavy as usual
and my bitch is beautiful
yeah im smokin doobies
wit my woman
shit is mutual
while they been turnin up
we been turnin down
yeah go on break a swisher down
go on pass it to your homie
head up in a cloud
and i been chillin with some bitches
say they love my style
and everytime i hit the stu
man its nothin but fye
i tell that bitch like what it do
girl dont hit my line
im lookin like the silver surfer
way my jewlery shine
and shawty she my surfer girl
with her tan lines
im smokin doobies
and u know we sippin red wine
its sangria on the beach
all the damn time
its palm trees in my blunt
all the damn time
i smoke weed so
iunno the damn time
dont ask me about shit
im on my damn grind
im so clean bitch
go on get a wet wipe


Bape everything..

In memory of Harambe

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