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Push to start ignition with the heated seats, ooh
Rubber bands, yeah I keep that all on me, ey
It's all cash why the fuck I need a lease, ey
Digi dashboard we gon' catch a B, shawty
All I smoke is gas, all I rock is Raf
I been poppin' tags, throw it in the back, yah
Two seat, six speed, digi dashboard, yeah
Yeah, whip it like a Nascar

Balenciaga kicks, Saint Laurent denim, ey
Tennis bracelets with the rocks in 'em, yeah
Shawty wanna kiss like I'm Gene Simmons
Brazilian women, all I rock is Raf Simons, yeah
Yeah, how the fuck I'm comin', bitch I'm comin' clutch
You can't tell me shit, I'm that boy, go look me up, ey
Bitch, I look like Majin Buu, yeah
Ain't nobody out can touch me on the Fruity Loops

Rollin' up the dub with these hoes, yeah you know
That I be rollin' through the 573 with my bros
And I be smokin' on some bomb ass weed with my woes
And I've been stackin' up the paper with nothing but the flow

And you know, yeah
My only motive the money
Yeah, I hear 'em talkin' shit but they won't take shit from me
I got some weed in this dummy
I'm on the beach and it's lovely
I'm with a dime piece and she love me

And I ain't never worry 'bout the rest
I seen that shit and I wasn't impressed, nah, ey
Boy this cannot be your best
Do yourself a favor, save your breath, yeah
I would never switch up for a check, ooh, nah
I been bottle poppin' with my set, ah, yeah
All these rappers boring me to death, ah, yeah
Do yourself a favor, save your breath, yeah

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Oliver Francistexty

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