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Collective Dreams of the Post-Apocalypse - text


When the world goes down, my friend
Come looking for me
When the world goes down, my friend
You’ll see

When the world goes down my friend, and only then
When the world goes down we’ll build a community (Chorus)
Lets shoots cops in the face and ride bikes
This is where our modern age comes to die
In the gathering of wild ones who they fear the most of all
Our arrows of freedom will pierce down their walls

When the rivers flow clear
And the sun shines again
When all living beings are free, my friend
When authority lays burning on the corpse of industry

Only then shall we be free
We all have our favorite places
And this is mine
Right next to the people
Who know how to fight
And these people shall be
Next by my side
When their system falls
And we take back our lives

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