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The Latest Toughs - text


All the latest toughs, you've got to shrug them off or shut them off
With ten-thousand-time-told truths, you've still got to ask for proof
Ask for proof, because if you're dying to be led they'll lead you up the hill in chains to their popular refrains
Until your slaughter's been arranged, my little lamb, and it's much too late to talk the knife out of their hands

Well, I woke up on a foggy morning. Hiding from the sun, he was hiding from the sun
But it came out and it shot its rays down. Burning everyone, it was burning everyone
But they were dying, anyway, to turn to ash, to feel their feelings flash and finally fade away
In a fabulous and fiery display

Look, though, I don't know what notes you want to hear played
I can't think what lines you'd like me to sing or say, and I'm not sure what subjects you want mentioned
So pause and add your own intentions. Let's pause and add our own, let's pause and add our own intentions

All the latest toughs, well, we have seen that stuff
And we have seen enough blood in dying coughs, which means that we have lost
We have lost, and if you're crying to be tossed they'll toss you down the oubliette with all the old things that
You let yourself forget because you'd like to love a star who'd throw you down below the ground he thinks you are

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