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To cheat
On Maine islands
Days of laughter,
Nights of sighing.
To love
Without ceasing
Flowering orchards,
Salty sea-things.
To say
Without shyness
"unreal city,
You have killed me."

When you walked
Out on her love
Was it easy?
When I left
Him while sleeping
Was I dreaming?
We take
Each night's journey
To the hotel
In a hurry,
Where we love
Without worry
On a bed that's
Five days dirty.
And we read
Without irony
From a book my
Husband bought for me.

When I fell
On the concrete
It was lovely,
Because you could see
What's been running
So hot in me.
But when I fell
On the concrete,
You went white as
A sheet
And wished that nothing
In this world
Would ever hurt me.
Well, keep wishing.

Because when I look
In my future,
I don't see you
And don't wish to.
Idle talk made
When I'm lying
By your side on
Some Maine island
Is too funny
To me, honey,
So let's drop it.
If you really
Want to love me,
Well, then do it

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