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Lido Pier Suicide Car - text


I thought I saw my God
Through frays of total blood
At some Hampton beach club
And half-convinced he had
The things I thought he did...

Hey, Ritchie, it's your dad
I've gone so far away now, kid
From coast to coast and far beyond
The waves rose up like gasps out on the astral sea
Starships shifting in the crud...
Don't believe that stuff on your TV
No, I've got to leave, I can't come back

Lido Pier suicide car
It's a straight shot drive to a life full of stars

At first it seemed a little speck
Then it seemed a little mist
We took our drinks out to the deck
We watched that silver ladder twist
We flew over the hills, the harbor bar
Over the wakeward-flashing spray
We watched it shrink, that Jag, that Jaguar
We watched our friends fall away

My heart, oh feel it pounding
To watch our little town receding
They're not knowing why or how we're leaving
Only believing in a Lido Pier suicide car
Lido Pier suicide car
Lido Pier suicide car

He's a ramrod handshake stud
He's a steward of the land hand-washed in hero's blood
He's a lodger of demands
He's the hassler of the gassed-up graspers trying to make their grands
When he catches me in freezing seas, he'll lead me into land
He says he's gonna break my band
I just have to take that hand, Oh Crocodile!

And can you hear the shouting
Out there beyond the boundary?
Some distant voice is surrounding and what is it saying?
Something about a Lido Pier suicide car
Lido Pier suicide car
Lido Pier suicide car

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