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Tell me a reason
To break things off
Or stop the bleeding
When it's my season
My mind was just revving
Your eyes, they went hard
Our parents were freaking
But it was our season
All that time ago
And if you want to stop our "thing" you'll stop my heart
All this pain inside's still just too sharp
What was I thinking?
Step out of your trailer
And into this dark!
It's warm and it's breathing
And it's our season
Your dad is half sleeping
But, really, he's gone
Can you hear his VCR weeping?
They crossed his wires completely
When they made him fire that gun
I'll say to you: to cut it off's to cut me down
If they take me out of school, you out of town
I called a friend, my world at end, my words unwound
I said, "It's crashing down around our heads"
We're dumb. We're dead. Shut up about it now
I won't say I'm sorry, and how would they know?
Below the Atari I could feel your heart was just going
We'll meet on the weekend. Your dad won't be home
Your sister's out cleaning
You don't need to speak it, because I know
Baby, I know. I said I know
You know I know
That it was our season
It's hard to believe it
There isn't a reason
It's only a feeling
When I look back on it now, remember how
Mixed up I got before they got me sorted out
All that heart-in-my-mouth
All that head filled with doubt
It's fading out
I hardly think about it now
They say that I'll go to college
And you will stay home
And watch while I'm leaving
And the cold will just creep in
Oh, Jason, I know

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