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I hate you so much but let’s be honest
I never got to show you my darkest
Next to a fire I think you sIll burn the brightest.
So we both walked out of the forest.
You can always seem to spot the tourists
In those downstate towns where stars seem to flourish
I went the wrong way on the Taconic
And I just wish I could turn around
We both watched as all the lights went out
When you want something and gotta have it
Get thicker coats to cover up your panic.
It's an escape plan but don’t forget your habits.
Always looking for a way out but I can never get a grip now
Turn the wheel into the trees, won’t you come with me?
A grave that everyone found
They went the wrong way, now everyone died
They spilt their guts by the way of the roadside
Leave some flowers and see me when you drive

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