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Oh I woke up in Divarrje pledging P.P. icycles and Lamar I don't even know Heard about my love for fairy coquelicot oh oh oh oh oh oh. Oh I made crepes for P.P. sleep he's in the astronomer naming a few beds that aren't far Persuading him to sleep his dreams in jars oh oh oh oh oh. Plumy plum drops of pear shaped rain and tear drops dripping pastly from peacock parasols that obcure the mad procession. oh oh oh I modeled hoops of glass to console P.P. who buried his hands but can't remember when even if he wears his hair like then oh oh oh is that coquelicot peering through the poppies, peeping through the poppies oh oh oh coquelicot coquelicot

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Coquelicot Asleep In The Poppies: A Variety Of Whimsical Verse


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