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My Darling, I've Forgotten - text

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I've lost, and don't remember what I saw in you
Your charms have become less charming
Your sweetness decreases everyday
My dear darling, I've forgotten what I saw in you.
Now I'm lost, I don't know a gentle way to say
that our life together is over and its best that you find someone new
because my darling, I've forgotten what I saw in you.
I seem to recall some vague memory of feeling happy, when we were young and in love.
But that was a long time ago.
Now I'm lost, Never in a million years what I have dreampt that about you I'd become indifferent.
But sweetheart, incredibly it's true.... that your cutie pie has forgotten what he saw in you.
Please don't think that I'm being impulsive or careless and that I'm not misserable too, but I just can't continue this lie
I'm lost.
I wish this had a happy ending
I wish there was something I could do
But, my darling, I've forgotten what I saw in you.
I've forgotten what I saw in you.

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