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Obsolete - text


Sent to divide
In the grass the serpent moves beneath your feet
Inciting hatred and fear through malevolent lies
Deceit will drown you in emptiness
All you hear and see betrayals
The machine is leading the flock astray
But we'll follow them nowhere
Their voice will be silent

Lead into the dark by the soulless frauds
Who read from that page as our culture declines
They're creating a distraction through weakness
Controlling the masses

Now that you have their minds
Why not make something better
Give them a small truth for my last shred of soul
Your voice is misplaced
Just read the lines
A messenger, now you're bought for a prize
To make up their minds
And think this is life

Now that you have their minds
Why not make something better
For all who reach out to you
If you think you're special why not give your wealth away

We'll bear the cost to erase you
No more spewing forth your hypocrisy
Sympathetic fools on the money's side
Will bear the cost of our awakening
And we have no use for you now
You are becoming obsolete
Your poisonous words will be silent

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