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I walk into another dream
I wanna feel it swallows
I have to find a place free to fly
If you want my soul
To wait for the unknown as feelings unfold
Waking up forward my mind
I wanna feel it live on
Waiting to find another shore
As the clouds move through their way
And the skies are shores
Where to find the rest of the day on my brows
To be lonely by the sound of the seas
Waiting for the wave of the spleen
And you're lonely as you hold my hands again
Here we are as wild horses run alone for the braves
Crawling as the old feelings might become
And a new day for me is coming over
Gods come to kill you
No Hope Left
Taking far behind
No one knew where to hide
They escaped far from reality
Into the lungs of those ravening dreams
I want to live forever
Looking for signs
My eyes will be able to find
A new way to lie
Driven far by the sound of the seas
Before my oaths a ray of the glimpse
The sun might drown, won't believe me my son
It felt as the rainbow long in my woes
I think I will grow and I think I will go...

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