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Viral Re-Animation (feat. Alex Erian and Stev.. - text


The streets are overflown with the presence of stagnant corpses
The first victims of infection
Their stricken bodies omit bodies a formidable stench of dermal decomposition

The vile scent of death has crept unto your doorstep
Intruded your sensory glands, stimulating a thirst for further investigation
An urge you should never have acted upon

Oblivious to the perils you've entered
Presumed to be dead, the infected are resurrected

Like a swarm they approach with malicious intent and amongst them all you're

The starving horde overtakes you
Teeth and nails desperately serrate through delicate flesh
Their abuse rips open fresh wounds, exposing your blood to their hazardous pathogens

You're now one with the infected
Soon to be revitalized by an unholy resurrection

Let it spread

With each person infected, the contagion grows stronger

Virally re-animated, through a continuous cycle, you have risen as a vessel of contaminants by which the contagion shall spread

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