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The Contaminated - text

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As migraines become overwhelming, perception is rendered contorted
Mentally you've grown unstable
Devoid of human emotion
Something has burrowed into your psyche forcing you to lose touch with your own self
A transformation is apparent
You're becoming what was once unimaginable
Revived so long as life is drained completely
Alive but deceased
What remains is a symbiotic co-existence interdependent upon the blood and the flesh
Recognizing the illness which threatens your body, you attempt to repress a horrid envisionment; that of your ill-fate, and the torment you'll face
For sustenance of what dwells within, you are beckoned to satisfy its internal urge to feed
Coerced to murder if necessary
Possessed to consume decaying organisms that lie beneath
Instantly vomiting upon devourment
This appalling display of demoralization brings forth insight to your disease
Damned forever to scavenge this land
Further transforming into a monster that's alive but deceased
Revived so long as life is drained completely
As one of the infected, accept the fact that your damned

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