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Remnants Aflame - text

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Every contagious strand must be wiped away
Located and declared completely absent
A national vaccination is underway, to eliminate the presence of infestation
The presence of infestation must be eliminated at any price
Purging a curse which they created to coercively transform the populous into slaves, the final goal is to depopulate, and a murderous cleansation process begins
Immersed in filth, single file and blind-folded, the infected are imprisoned in awaitance of death
Instantaneous as contamination, they are viciously slain by a barrage of ammunition
Casualties quickly accumulate
Casualties quickly accumulating
Each blood-soaked corpse is gutted
Innards disgorged, scraped barren for experimentation
Empty and left for a massive stockpile to form, the rotted corpses are torched
Bodies carefully cast aflame until the soil is littered with the steaming white ash of their remains

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