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Involuntary Demoralization - text


I am feeding on your flesh,
I beat my women in prayer.
Masturbating on your flesh,
Decrepit carcass on this floor.
Subjected to my grotesque incisions.
Exiling humanity with this "God"
I need to murder, won't apologize.
Raping your world innocence, marry this group of perverted destroyers x2
You paid for sin!
I sodomize this bleeding bruise across your chest,
Though you still feel alive.
To swallow exquisite penis juice
is your agonizing, repulsive objectives.
Welcome to my desolate chamber.
I trap a boy who's surgically subconscious,
putridly proceeding to sexualize.
Swallow your pride, swallow your pride!
We're dead in secret.
Obsessed, diseased and desperately pumping pleasure.
Please bury this pestilence into the ground.
You're designated as a DUMPSTER!
To release my fluids into.
You're designated as a dumpster,
devastated and eviscerated into oblivion.

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