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Away from people
And everything alive
Laying in his bed, desperate
He lost his faith in people, even in his friends
Sees them as a puddle , full of shit
Painful scenes are spinning, through his mind
Where trust was battered which cut his breath

A quiet walk outside, will empty his mind
Walking through the nature, under the sun
A black cold mass , will hit the sky
A smile upon his face, starts to shine

The clouds
The frozen
Who spread
Snow and death

Confronting the blizzard
He grits his teeth and makes his way inside
The savage frost, deadens the loner's
Feet, arms, skin and face
Fallen in the snow , numb but relieved
Cause the reaper's there
He takes a breath and shouts out loud
To say his last words
Save me from this world, that tortured my soul

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Video přidal Baphomet

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