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In the Garden of Hyacinths - text

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Arise before auroral fire
Through the stone and thuja spires
Toward the gardens landing
Where petals aureate fire
All the groves still speak their names
Clarion echoes in effulgent flame
Violets so cold and abating
As cruel winds have come
To repose them from life
I’ve been alive for all these years
Counting the stars as they grow ever near
By empyrean dawn aflame
Sidereal light moves in my name
Crown me and speak my name
Come with me, far from here
Do you remember when Gods were still here?
Not lost in the depths of the brackens green
Or the sorrows of yesteryear
In the gardens of their hyacinths
We still find them near
Disconsolate cries
From the groves that lay forsaken
Marrying the pulse and the spirit
Of all that would have them awaken
Altars abandoned
Everlasting fountains of light

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