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Lunar Caustic - text


Nerveless tissue, no impulse, horridly it pressures the scull
Flowing out with thoughts through orbits
The shortest way
To cut aggravating rumble, to strangle pulsation
Till it crushes all
Invites the void
Invites the silence

Proud flesh
Tear it all out, tear it now, tear before it's too late

Proud flesh
Don't let it grow, don't let go, never let it steam

Proud flesh
Scratch out with nails, scratch it all, let it bleed away

Proud flesh
Throw it away, watch it die, before it starts to live

Rampant thoughts intertwine
Too many pullulated
No turning back
All said and done
Hide in the corner and punch the empty space

It is so warm, I feel tranquility
It feels so warm, I feel tranquility
May have all been just a bad dream
May have all been a hallucination
Maybe I just forgot the bitter taste


Don't you save me

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