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Whomsoever Dwells - text


Whomsoever dwells
In the shelter
Of the most high
Lives under the protection of the Shaddai
I say of my lord
That he is my fortress
That he is my own love
In whom I trust
That he will save u
From the fowler's trap
And he will save you
From any Babylon crap
And he will lift you
All up in his wings
And you'll find refuge
Oh underneath those things
And his truth will be your
Shield and rampart
So u need not fear
What comes looking for you in the dark
And you need not fear
What comes looking for you in the day
And you need not fear
What takes everybody else away
Ten thousand may fall at your side
Ten thousand at your right
But it can't come near you
'Cause you're dealing with the most high
And he will send his angels to mind you
And they will lift u all up so that you
Won't strike your foot against no stone

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