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No matter how hard I try
I can make you recognize me
You can wait and see my face
Though I shut down the place

No matter how hard I cry
You aren't able to try
And your like a broken door
I could cry forever more.

No matter how hard I try
I can't make like I don't care that our knight ridge died
No matter how hard I try

My friends say to me
Darling don't be so unhappy
You just need to know your lovely
But it's not that easy
Well you can't love me
How can I believe I'm lovely
Or not how to begin
I can just take it on the Chan

You don't forgive anything.
You forget everything.
What about the joy I bring?
No matter how hard I try
You can make like I didn't give birth to your child.

All I want to see is you and me raise our baby
It is much peace and harmony
As we've never seen
My man loves me so
And you can't make me make him go
And you don't want me anyway
So it's too late to say
Your jealousy
It can be nothing to me
And one thing I learned
I deserve to be loved not burned

No matter how hard I try
You can make like I'm not a good mother to our child
Our child

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