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Radio Kappa Ep. 9 | 50 Shades of GreyFace - text

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Hello my lovely Twitch chat
It sure smells like sex in here
Prepare your Kreygasms (Well met)
Oh hello
Hello, my favorite Hearthstone grill... should I bring the video camera or... how does this work?
I've never done this before... feels so good in me..
I have to go jerk off (Uh, Forsen!)
Hit the lube, you little asian slut! (Uh, mmm...)
Ugh, my shoulder, I'm fucking coming right now!
(Uh Forsen, such a nice guy... I cannot hold my feelings)
What the hell are you two doing?
Upf! Awkward moment!
Nymn HS proudly presents Radio Kappa
(Are you scared now Forsen?)
Take off, take take off, the fucking pants
Take off, take take off, the fucking pants
That turns me, that turns me fucking on
Take your clothes off, take your fucking clothes off!
Aw, Charley. Aw, aw, aw, Charley!
Aw, Charley! Aaaah...
I want to do Hearth Arena, but he had other plans
What do you want from me? I'm- I have a penis
Come on, do it dad, let's get to it! Fuck you!
Full fucking hard on
Full fucking horse dick
Woo, Kappa Kappa Kappa Keepo PogChamp ,
I think that you're a pig fucker and you should go to jail
Wee x16
I'm sorry
Umm x7
Sorry for what?
Umm umm umm umm, your mother was a murloc!
I'm gonna, I'm gonna tuck Frump
I'm gonna, I'm gonna fuck your grandma in the ass
I am, I am game for that
F O R S E N B O Y Z (Kurwa!) Ha ha ha
I'm 24- But you act like you're fifteen on the internet
2-0 (Shots fired, fired, shots, shots fired)
Top kek (Shots fired, shots, shots fired)
Tuck Frump (College boy!)
My ass is hurting
I'm not trying to go to prison
Genre police (Kappa)
We are here to tell (Keepo)
That your favorite songs (ANELE)
Belong somewhere else (CoolCat)
I know that you like (FishMoley)
it just because you do (FrankerZ)
But I'm here to take the fun out just for you
Hey guys
How would you rate this track so far on a scale from nine to eleven?
Let's ask a cancer expert. Here he comes now.
Please give him a warm applause.
*knock knock knock* *knock knock knock*
Hey guys how's it going, Kripparian here
How good is Radio Kappa?
Turns out it's pretty good, turns turns out it's pretty good, pretty good
Turns out it's pretty good, turns turns out it's pretty fucking good!
I'm sorry my friends, I fucked that up
I'm sorry my friends, sorry for what? (Ah, oh)
Good boy
Chat spam SourPls
How neat is that? That's pretty neat, that's that's pretty neat
How neat is that? Wow, what the fuck? Drink, top kek!
I'm gonna scam you-ouuu, motherfucker! Top kek
I'm gonna scam you, put that cookie down now!
How many times are you gonna do this to me? (Wow!)
Fuck this stupid Clown Fiesta game
Uhhhhh, ok
Everyone get in here (It's a Bloodlust!)
Everyone get in here (stop) Everyone get the fuck out!
So, so, so, to avoid this awkward, awkward moment, let's, let's play this, yes yes yes... Brotherman Bill please save us
The Brotherman Bill got a bottle of Brotherman Bill chill pills
The Brotherman Bill put the Terrible Tim at the top of the bill (Radio KKona)
Brotherman Bill, Brotherman Bill, Brotherman Bill
The Brotherman Bill, Brotherman Bill, Brotherman Bill
Brotherman Bill is the brother living at the top of the hill

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