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Radio Kappa Ep. 10 | I Voted For EleGiggle - text

Attention twitch chat, grillz and men

NymN HS proudly presents, Radio Kappa, number 10.

*pant down dick flopping, first one dead is Soda Poppin
Forsen drunk, Amaz still scamming,
make your streamer quit by EleGiggle spamming*

Dude WTF is Radio Kappa, I don't know what that is man


Oh It's some shit Forsen listens to, I think I'll pass then. Thanks
Let the fucking beast out again, Kripp is dead guys, I'm new Kripp, deal with it.


Say my name, say my name, say my motherfucking name. Trump

*pant down dick flopping, first one dead is Soda Poppin - Spam next meme, for Forsen to trigger*
Fuck you guys, WOW, what are you doing, SHIEEET, Do it dad, Kappa 1 2 3.

Radio Kappa,
twitch chat it is time to triple our PJSalt efforts.
Really , the rng should definitely not affect your mood.

PDDDPDPDPDP OMG, DPDPD, there's a car,It's back at the air.
Oh my fucking fucking god.

And again, fucking again, fucking againgaingaingaingain.

It's fucking bullshit, fucking bullshit are you fucking kidding me.

This kid is so fucking fucking lucky, like, aah. I am never lucky, never lucky, in this fucking game.

SHIT, MH, Fuck, OH MY GOD, This guy is lucky lucky, OMG, never rubber ducky, FUCK FUCK, OH MY GOD, FUCK FUCK, aah, BITCH, fuck me, fuck me, omg, WOW, WHat what WHAT whAT ? OK, FUCK YOU, HAHA HO HO HOU OUU, MRR MRR, HO HO HOU

Today legitimately was worse, by like the percentage of shit, so I mute myself for an hour, and the chat got even worse, the chat started spamming the "I voted for Forsen" shit, which is like, It's cool for your vote, but it's like dealing with the fucking EleGiggle EleGiggle emote EleGiggle EleGiggle EleGiggle emote EleGiggle EleGiggle EleGiggle emote EleGiggle EleGiggle I'm such a little shit.

Mad bro Mad bro I would be mad bro, I would be fucking pissed if that happend to me bro, I would s.... so many ....,

That is ridiculous, ridiculous and whoever says that is ridididiculous and we have to go win this, I gotta back up and ridiculous, ridiculous and whoever says that is ridididiculous, and let's let's have a look at this.
No co, No calm, No money ...Like, Liek, Like,

I masturbate to hentai porn.

Let's masturbate together.

Now your not, now your fucking with me,
,my bad,
4Head, s... p... .

some how I'm maybe a little bit lucky,
KKK Kripp loves glory holes.
Am i getting the mod twitch chat ?
Am I getting the mod right now.
Twitch chat, you were not annoying your streamer enough, please, hold down TAB and press Enter.

There is an over 50 % chance that I'll be okay with the damage, so.
Gaybar ,Gaybar,
Forsen made me go to the Gaybar Gaybar,
Gaybar Gaybar, Are you scared, I don't know.
Wingadium leviosaaaa.
It's hard to find fellow homosexual,
I prefer the company of men.
No I don't do anal.
Radio Kappa,


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