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Letdown Day - text

text je ve videu :P
Tak si to zpivejte jako karaoke




That day, when I meet You
I lose heart for You
I was enchanted You
Of first moment I was madman to you
and when I was first out with You
I was enchanted You
It was my most fantastic day
but after You only say:
"Let me pass ..."
And mz answer sound:
"I think to You every times"
What with herself of my fantastic day
become the that most horrible day
And even if You dant want me
I shall love You every times
But You alike love other boys
And You discart me
And to understand,
that the person in front of me You prefer
Does not want You
Will be too late.
I say you: "no".
But I love You every times,
because You are out of sight...

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