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Micro World - text

books, magazines, arguments and love affairs
heads bob, synced to the rhythm of this packed coupe
then i smile and people nod, but they just don’t understand
they are actors in this moment set to my
own headphones’ score

i leave my body as i sync with the swing
i’m half awake slouched down my limbs start to sink
eighty five miles an hour and the scene starts to blend
i revive (a) micro world where i’m
an invincible observer

nobody knows
what i know
or what i’m gonna do

stories unfold
in my micro world
but no one has a clue

a jolt awakes me and now all is reset
my collar has soaked up all my daydreaming sweat
now i feel a dozen eyes staring at me in a strange way
and my world dissolves as people find i’m
nothing but a…

Text přidal Coca-Coloid


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