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Terminus El dorado - text




Cooped up inside the house,
She had no place to go
Runnin for the weekend
Her daddy done told her no.

All alone with the TV set
Thinkin of things to do
Gonna call up her best girlfriend
Cause maybe she can do it too

Her daddy had bought a brand new car
Shiny red as can be
A convertible top and a cb too
"Or maybe he got it for me"

She got the nerve
She got the keys
Take it for a little ride
Aint old enough to drive alone
But she just couldn't stay inside

Terminus ha ha ha

Ah ha ha ha

Should have listened to your daddy
Little girl

Ha ha ha

So they cruised downtown to the local run
Show off a new Cadillac
A little high, maybe do or die
She aint gonna make it back

Its a big red El Dorado
Much too fast for her
Forgot about tomorrow
That much is for sure

Ah oh

She didn't see the tandem gravel truck
Passin on the curve
Too much fun
Too little luck
She didn't have time to swerve

Terminus terminus
Terminus El Dorado

Terminus terminus
Terminus El Dorado

Terminus terminus
Its all over for you baby

No more

Should have listened to your papa


The crows be pickin at your flesh
And ya got no control of the sitiation

Ha ha ha ha ha
Ha ha ha ha ha

Good riddance baby
Bye bye
Bye bye baby
Ha ha ha
Nah nah na nah nah naahh naahh

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Video přidala Maribel

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