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Acceding in triumph - text


Since I once heard the enticing call
from the depth of the most secret core,
the very rebellious lust of triumph
burns wild in my black longing heart

And now as it enchants me again,
stronger and clearer than ever before
I run in ecstasy towards the utmost edge
disregarding any border, striving beyond

I saddle the maelstrom of a burning Charybdis
without an ounce of fear, nor stumbling or doubt
For no chains of profane can ever prevent me
even though my world's foundation tremble

nor even Death...

As I once left the pity fellowship of man
and my liberation shook their conception,
they scorned and feared the essence of my quest
since it made them question their deceitful reasons

Yet their taunts and attempts to enslave me again
were all in vain, for Lucifer himself shines within me
"The higher we soar, the smaller we appear
to those who cannot fly" ( - F. Nietzsche)

Driven by an urge to experience the concealed
and now I shalt conquer God's throne itself
Through aeons I have travelled, floating through tunnels
For nothing I seek but the gold of divine
No chains of profane can ever prevent me
even though my world's foundation tremble

So I followed the call and threw myself
out from earthly cliffs, into the unknown
where those who dare to enter will burn,
yet ascending in triumph...

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Ascending in Triumph

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