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The Rose - text


Eyes in this somnial night
I know I own nothing
I wanted nothing

And I feel like I am
The second son of your god
Lifting lives away

A lighthouse spins in your eyes
Still I see nothing
Waters of nothing

I plant a seed in your garden
Yet it grew nothing
Thorns without roses

But then I'm sorry for I have died
Others were taken away
Hostage of secrets of Aura
Waters of nothing
Dawn painted nothing

I failed to sense the sign
And died in the arms of Europa
An anima astray for a long, long time

I set our forest afire
Broke the old promise
Tore all the roses

Became a symbol of violence
In primordial noises
Churches of noises

And write a new song made of lightning
From which we're taken away
I know it seems it's all right
While it was nothing
Lot worse than nothing

At the bottom of the pond
Is found a chest of science and gold
A shell of glass, it means bad omen
Find two and you're blessed with grace
The essence of the sea is provenance
Watched by the wise old man

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