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Negative Luna - text


Cry, and cry,
And doors in pitch dark hallways
In gold and mesmerizing black
In which you let us drown

Chanson of the lonely ones
And the Seventh is all through the weather
Amber of a lonely star
And your name is all through the weather
You’re not the only one
That this life threw aside and pulled under
Yesterday is over now
Bring your hands to the chest like a prayer

Rays of the minor Sun like
steel nails through the flesh
Inverted thoughts they come
In pale unwanted light
In an absence, in a pale unwanted light
Dying for the whim of negative Luna

And, see, here we are, skiing on your favourite sensation
Waves of sound that bring us to the sky
Where I leave you as I’m pulled back down

Sedna, torn and still alive
Sedna, heart of soul alive

Text přidal DevilDan

Video přidal DevilDan

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