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Water that tells a life
In a late November
Two lithe figures descending a slope
A sidereal evening
1979, you may have forgot
I won't be here too long
I got a train to catch,
I got a painting to draw, of me dying

It's hard to remember, you don't deserve it
Ever since the glass shattered into pieces of mind
You won't tell this story because it's secret
You'll die with its key in your hand

It's time to verify the nature of our kind
you'll never find anything like us, alive
Into this barren wasteland, we turned the Earth
you fought in ashes all your life

No sooner said than done
And we're there together
On a rainbow made of dust, a route to folow
Hallowed land tonight, that we reach together
In a simpler way of life

Solitude omen in the Day of Man
Hidden in the viscera of the world
You even feel its pulse under the granite surface of the Earth
We're walking towards the miracle of life

Life is in the water, life is in the water
Let me quench my thirst with your denial.
And cries, the closure of all dramas,
The elixir for the thirst of dying people of the land
And lies, I've seen all kinds of liars,
I've been all kinds of misfits, for the sake of my survival

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