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Andiam sopra ad aspettar
senti il circo arrivare?

Tutti sopra per giocar
per la mano, e poi volare

Between the flowers
amongst the grain
I seek you now
and far away it comes a train

Don't ever want to miss a moment
as we've just begun something
I just wanna be someone
that makes you believe you are not breaking away

And I wonder what on Earth are we awaiting
for the train to tomorrow is here and it is longing
to take us away

And tomorrow there'll be landscapes you just dreamt about
and the sound of the bells
will sound much realer in this brand-new dawn
yes tomorrow there'll be still shades of yesterday
but they'll get vaguer and vaguer
as the winter's caress approaches close

I run to you
and I see the sky crying
crying tears of widow, tears soon wiped dry
and thousand windows look at us dance
this sweet'n'sour theme, a romance
dance, dance, dance...

Engulf me in your soul
and let those feathered arms fly

Text přidala Ludkaa9

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