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Australis - text


Goddess of the Monsoons let me fly
Mother do not throw our boat aside
Clouds are all left behind
Sailing through the wind, eyes open wide

Taste of salt is in my hair
A scare of light is in the air
Leaves of silver pave the way
Lights of nightmares finally fade
Clouds of nightmares finally fade
I'm obliterated away
Finally ash is washed away

Sailor's wound bleeding out past winters
I feel water crystalize in my winter

Dreams are coming down
To the foreign lands below
And encrust the reasons and the pain along the way

So listen now
There's no mercy around
Rise your swords of feathers
Step outside and fly away
Out and fly away

Mountains of art
It's like... you won't believe it
Temples enveloped in sand
And seal your heart beneath it
And you will keep it alive
And you will keep i breathing
And you will keep it alive

Monsoons, Terra Incognita
Trade winds, Terra Incognita
Clouds are all left behind
Australis Aurora

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