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Nothing Earthly Save the Thrill - text


(Sorrow) Fearless is the heart of he who divides the Gods. For I could never expose my heart to such madness. Can you hear it calling? Can you hear the sound? The bell tolls once for every hour in my life. Each chime tells a new tale. Tales of sorrow, and pain. But when will it play the song of love? Drowning in this sea of misery, I never lose hope. Can you see why I carry such a mountain of pain? I never thought you could. I only hoped you would (Promise) How did you find me? It does not matter now. The only thing that exists is our fears. I can feel your pain inflicted by the ones who care not and I promise to mend your broken heart. (Hunting) An endless search to free my soul. This night I shall not fail. No man can escape this madness. I will find the last of the dogs. Imprisoned by their own black hearts. There is no escape from my tenacious grip. (Punishment) Look at me. Stare into the eyes of your Messiah. It is I who decides who lives and who dies. On this night you shall witness my conquest. How dare you violate what belongs to me? Now beg me for your life and watch as I laugh at your tears. (Clouds) Wake up my love. Please don't cry for us. The pain has ended and we now rest on our cloud. Nothing can touch you here. You are safe from the dogs of past. Our fear no longer haunts us. We only exist amoung the flowers.

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