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On a frosty afternoon
In the year of Mars shining bright in the sky
I found out somebody else living my dream
I missed my train, I´ve lost my touch

Little bird, your voice sounds so weak
Where´s the red gone from your cheeks?
How come you´re singing out of tune?
Are you sick of life like me?

Oh lord, we´re all alone but we feel so free

So we sit by midnight wine
And I don´t know what to say
´Cos my source, my spring has dried
Midnight desert is the only place to hide

The sound is blue and brown
And I watch it through a glass of midnight wine
The blue turns to scarlet
Then all the other colours fade

Oh lord, we´re all alone but we feel so free

If you tell the truth
I may tell a lie
´Cos I ain´t no good
No good in your life
I am like steam
I may sublime
I may just leave you with a hole in your heart

Text přidala katysek_6

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