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Border Of Fire - text

There´s a black coat lying over the world
It´s hiding me, you and the Truth
Some got lucky with a happy love
I got lucky with another things.

In the streets I´m getting drowned the more
the harder I try to get out
I don´t want, I don´t want to go
go on, go on

Every beautiful poetry and rhyme
ran away
They´re beyong the border of possibilities
of my fantasy
Slowly, I feel the disappearing
And something is coming through the
window, through the glass

I´m out of body
I´m out of living
I´m on the border of fire

Mad hurricanes are blowing
In the plains of my secret place
My red diary wants to eat
all the stupid things of this world
Institution for normal knowledges´s
looking for an owner - not me
The clear things are away
and there are dim ones here
Landscape of everething
There´s a hole in my head
Wheels of everyday
destroying themselves

I´m out of body
I´m out of living
I´m on the border of fire

Text přidala katysek_6

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