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Let It Run Red - text


Welcome stranger it's time turn back
Walls are cold they weep they see
Veiled in black it hides its lies
And the truth they feed to you

Bringer of night
Crusher of might

If we meet let it run red
It's the feast for the nameless ones
At the last dawn you hear me roar
The crows will eat us all

And every night when this comes in mind
Was there something that was left unsaid
I'll remember then bent but not broken
There is time to live and to let all go

Burned my truths and I have burned my lies
Through lost paradise
Endless ways of this endless game
Hiding in shadows
The crows will eat us all

Guitar solo: Tuomela

Through the night that is left behind
Here a blind will lead a blind
Farewell, goodbye it's time
Winds are strong they carry you home

Bringer of night
Crusher of might


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Video přidal DevilDan

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