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Death Walks with Me - text


The night falls and buries the dreams
Age anew didn't wane
Howling wind from the distance
Veils death underneath
Sea of lies burned to skin and truth written in sand

Scream for me, humanity, nothing you know
Dead and buried, nothing you learn

Walk away and nothing you'll win
Light the torch and you'll burn
Joys are woven from sorrows
As your days grow short
Goodbye autumn breeze
Death walks with me

In this chapter of hate
The howling wind forges the man anew
They imitate life
They die as the autumn begins to fall

In this chapter of hate
The night enshrines the dreams
We're walking now hand in hand
We storm to the stars and create the burning scars

Guitar solo: Lamminaho

Everything ends, mankind's last breath
Never again, again and again, nothing we learn
Hope was lost, mankind wiped away
Never again, again and again, nothing we learn


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Video přidal DevilDan

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