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Looking through the pages of my fantasies
I am the next act waiting
From this role I could never run away
The air feels heavy
You were never ready for the lies
So break me into small parts
Let me go away in small doses.
Please, I want to take a breath that is true, I want!
I cannot stand your cheatin` heart
Sweet words don't raise me up.
Waitin' for a sign from you,
Lonely and so untrue
Violets dying in my hands
The distance makes the heart grow weaker and weaker.
Sweet words don't raise me up
Waitin' for a sign from you
I don't wanna be a fool superstar on my private movie.
So tell me... dear...
Are you lonesome tonight?
Is your heart filled with pain?
Feelings of loss blame and agony
You walk alone
This will never end.
If the chance was given would you return?
But it's too late...
There's no one waiting for you

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