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I look for you in my dreams
My Helena of "Midsummer Night's Dream"
I'd sell my soul to you
My perfect Smile
I've created
Rains of tears
Unleash your fire
Turn my dreams into your dreams
So come to turn my dreams into your truth
You're salvation but (also) my ruin
So feigh, lie
Turn my heart into stone, but still I crave for more
Breath the curse in lilith's song
Tempting lilith's curse
Take me higher
With you perfect smile
Unleash the fire
Devil's Disire
I drink your fire
Drown in your liar eyes
And Heaven's on fire
My Evil Disire
You are the only one; more pain
You are the first, the last, the truth
Once my way,
But nothing left to show me
Than a best to loose
Still I bleed my tears for you
Caught in your web of tragic fools
But my heart
Needs your blood to beast, and still I crave for more.

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