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Weight of the wind part 2 - text


tell me all all your thoughts
when you can’t say em out loud
said she wanna skip town
take a train going southbound
i know i’m not the guy
that you need in your life now
skinny motherfucker
know i stay in the background

are you thinking of me?
well i’ve been thinking of you
you know i love running my mouth
with out thinking it through
haven’t cared in a minute and see
i’m scared to admit it but its true
the only thing i loved was always you

imma pack my shit
imma end this quick
cause life aint shit
man, lifes a bitch
i said i’ve been doing well
nah, i’ve been sick
fucked up in the brain mane
it’s a damn shame

say no lies please let me rest
rest your head up against my chest
hear the beat as it's slowing down
remember me till I hit the ground
Blossomed truths were ripped apart
left my lungs ready to depart
of my hard heart meets me in the frame
with my last breath to call your name

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