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Stare in silent disbelief
as the walls come crashing down on me.
Lost a brother, lost a friend.
Lost a life that came to early end.
All that's left are memories.
Visions of one I can no longer reach.
Filled with violent suffering.
All your demons are making their way onto me.
I fight this battle. I face this war.
I curse the hands of death,
as they’re knocking at my door.
Emptiness, loneliness, helplessness, I crave relief.
Will it come to me?
Day by day by day,
the void you left doesn’t go away.
I feel the pain that you felt,
and now I’m trapped in this living hell.
I wear the stains from your pain on the edge of my sleeve.
I feel the weight of the world, left with nothing.
Left with nothing.
This won’t be the death of me.
These scars won’t fade away.

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