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Honor District Twelwe - text


Hello, I’m the stylist you’ll work with.
I’m here to help you out.

Are you here to make me look pretty?

I’m here so you’ll stand out.

We’ll have you washed and dried
Waxed and polished ‘til you glow with pride.
Trust our recipe for Capitol style.
You will honor District Twelve.

Wait and see, when we’re through
Sponsors will gladly send their gifts to you.
With some training (and a great hair do!)
You will honor District Twelve!

I can only honor District Twelve one way, I fear.
By winning in the games
And this could be that year!

The crowd wants girls sweet and young,
Cruel and ruthless, who will spare no one.
Poised and dainty, who will kill for fun
You will honor District Twelve!

We all must serve the Capitol
Who keeps us safe from harm
Adults by working hard,
Children by bearing arms!

When we’re through, you can’t fail
For your district you will blaze the trail.
How could any sponsor say “no sale”?
You will honor District Twelve.

There. You’re ready.

Not yet!
I’m not allowed to bet,
But if I could, I’d bet on you.
You are a survivor.
You must proudly show it.
Add a mockingjay, just for luck.

Now even you can’t blow it!

Oh, sponsors
Hear my plea
Help me not be murdered brutally
And to help to feed my family
Keep my sister Prim alive.
Worse than starving in the coal mines
We will kill each other prime time.

Save our skins
Help us earn all of the sponsor’s bids
And to murder other helpless kids
Keep our districts standing tall.

Please bring honor to us
Please bring honor to us
Please bring honor to us
Please bring honor to us
Please bring honor to us all!

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