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Don't let 'em make up your mind for ya
Cause they're gonna try to run you through the ringer
Before you realize you been hung out to dry
Now, they don't know that I'm started to learn
You don't have to be down where the devil stays
For the bottom of your feet to burn
Here's one to grow on

Too much, never enough
Cold shoulder to cry on
Let your feelings show
Leave some room to grow
Until I go the distance between right and wrong
The road I've traveled beyond and long

Too much makes me want to give it all away
Give me something to ease the pain
All washed up, going down the drain
Hung out to dry, left out in the rain
Muster up the courage if I can't find the strength
I'm gonna shoot like a star on the horizon
When the moon sets the sun rises

Living the life I love, loving the life I live
Really makes me want to away
Loving the life you live, living the life you love
You make the most of everyday

Too much, too much, too much, too much

Too much, never enough
Too much, too much, never enough
Here's one to grow on

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North Mississippi allstars texty

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