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Early in the mornin' it was drizzling rain
'round the curve come a passenger train
Under the wheel was KC Jones, a mighty man dead and gone
A mighty man dead and gone

Some folks say mister KC couldn't run
Lemme tell you what KC done
Left out of Memphis, quarter-to-nine
New York City dinner time

KC was walkin' down Nelson lane
Two Policeman lookin' to learn his name
Carry poor KC to the stationhouse
Natural born rounder but they turn him out

On the road again
Natural born Eastman on the road again

The reason I say I'm on the road again
The police arrest me for sellin' gin
Sold my gin and I sold it straight
The police brought me to my woman's gate
She opened the door, she nodded her head
She said, "Furry, you're welcome to my foldin' bed"
KC welcome to my foldin' bed

KC told the farmer just before he died
There's one more road he'd like to ride
The farmer asked KC, "which road is he?"
The Southern Pacific and the Santa Fe

If you want to get to heaven when you D-I-E
Better put on a collar and your T-I-E
Wanna chase a rabbit out a L-O-G
You better raise a commotion like a D-O-G

Come on you men if you want to flirt
Yonder come a woman in a miniskirt
She got a half yard o' ribbon wrapped around her leg
Step like she steppin' on scrambled egg

I'm leavin' Memphis, spread the news
Memphis women don't wear no shoes
Got my name written on the back of my shirt
Natural born Eastmen don't have to work

Early in the mornin' it was drizzling rain
'round the curve come a passenger train
Under the wheel was old hobo John
He was a good hobo but he's dead and gone
Another great man dead and gone

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