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Disconnecktie: The Faithful Vampire - text


It's taken me 50,000 separate wrecks to get here and I've learned
I've learned absolutely nothing, as I'm standing here alone,
Upright, and motionless. And I'm drowning in her sea.
The rising and sinking of every consciousness I've ever known
Now detached and disconnected.

The endless cycle of idea and action,
Endless invention, endless experiment,
Endless hope and endless disappointments.

When I thought all I needed was just one breath to stay
Afloat, for me it was the breath, the last breath, the
Last breath that I never wanted.
Any of this.

We never thought that this would
Capsize, but this isn't a boat, its a coffin!
And now I'm looking forward.
Into the sea...into the great sea.
So why begin with the age in mind

Cycles of heaven, 20 centuries gone by,
Twenty centuries go by, come home.

But the end is coming like a flood.
It's going to burn, a year for
Growing and the greatest amount of forgetting.

My sea is dying, but death is a doorway
And at the very root of me, we know this.

It's the greatest reminder.
What a cold world to live in,
What a sea to swim in

So why begin with the end in mind

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