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Strength Became the Storm - text

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In the crippling winds of the night he rides
His valiant steed through the ice
Riding fearlessly with steel in hand
On his way to slay the forces of the damned
Arcane fire
Might and power
Roaring thunder
Sword of heaven
As shadows fall, moon shinning black
Immortal rises, spectre of light
Lightning strikes through the hearts of the servants of the dark
In their skulls eternal gaze to the hand that lit the spark
Sever limbs, sever hearts, to a stronger man they fall
Praise the king, praise the warrior whose fame is eternal
He gazes at the stars
And calls holy fire
Strenght became the storm
Reigns the winds of war
And steel broke the silence
Strenght became the storm
Unleashing a spell from an ancient scroll
A demonic force, fiends of old
With blackened wings into the sky he flies
Crossing steel with the champion of light
Mighty warrior
Swords held higher
Mystic power
Hail to our brothers
In the name of those who will fall
We drink to remember them all
Raise your horns and your sword
Among the stars they will hear our call

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