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I Wish You Were Beer - text

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While we're sailling over seas, no one's there to scream at me
No one's here to prevent me, from getting drunk and free
Fighting naked while we pee, throwing bitches in the sea
Cheering, laughing endlessly, that's a life for me.
But when I come home to breathe, you say that i reek of mead
I wish I'd be out of here... oh I wish you were beer! Hey!
Everybody get on board we will crash the shore
We're gonna rock it loud and so will scream the whores!
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Scream and chug your horns!
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Don't puke it on the floor!
Neighbours, they will hate!
While their daughters spread their legs!

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Nordheim (Can) texty

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