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Remember the first time that I saw you
you smiled and blushed,put your eyes down
and I knew,I had a crush on you
If I could turn back time i would tell you
How much do I care for you
I would die for you
I swear to God that I would do!
REF : Now you´re gone,I go crazy
Shouldn´t let you go this way
Now you´re gone for good with someone new
who treats you right,won´t make you blue

And I? I´ll survive somehow...
I would give all I´ve got for another morning
Coffe and milk with a kiss
We had so much fun...
...and life just begun...
Then we started to fight,
things got compicated
You said you´re fed up
and I took you for granted
And I was just a waste of time...
2x REF:

And I? I´ll survive somehow...
It takes more than thousand years
to forget you (forget you)
I hope i can make it work
without you and me!
2x REF:
2xAnd I? I´ll survive somehow...

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